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Julia Alekseeva

Julia Alekseeva - painter.

Creates paintings, conducts masterclasses and seminars on painting, participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Read more about the work and activities of the artist Julia Alekseeva: (Website address)


Julia Alekseeva has created illustrations for the book of the socio-charitable project "Ray of Hope."

Personal opinion of Julia and her wishes for the project:

The idea of paying attention to the problem of paediatric oncology seemed very important to me and relevant today. 

It is great that the project "Ray of Hope" is focused on children first and foremost. 

It is important, in my opinion, to instil such qualities as kindness, compassion to the suffering of others, compassion for one's neighbour in a child.

I wish the "Ray of Hope" project all the luck in the world!

Light a ray of fascination, sensitivity and love in the soul of every child.