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  • If you feel that you cannot make a difference - this is not true. You can always respond to someone else’s misfortune! 

    Even a kind word can soften the pain of another person and help them to cope with their problems.

  • Moral support — is a very important factor of helping. Don’t underestimate the power of kind words!


    If you think that your help is insignificant, this is not so. Any bit of help has a positive effect, even if it is very small.




  • Helping is caring! There is goodness in helping!


    Your efforts can teach others to be good. If you yourself are good, then by your good deeds you can show your peers examples of how they 

  • can act towards other people and themselves. We wish you success! Thank you for being with us! Tell your friends about our project, come together to the play “Ray of Hope”. 


    See you soon!

Become our friend
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