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  • Health — this is our main wealth! Be attentive to your own health and the health of your loved ones. Play sports, spend more time outdoors.

    Remember! To maintain your health, you need to undergo a standard medical 

  • examination once a year. 

    After all, the medical examination can detect serious diseases during the early stage of their development, which allows them to be treated with greater chances of success.

    Be healthy and attentive!

Who are our volunteers?

Volunteers – these are socially conscious people who are ready to spend their free time helping others; helping those who need them. Volunteers work in hospitals, helping health care workers with the seriously ill people; they look after and socialize with them, helping the patients accept their illness and come to terms with it.

Volunteers organize, promote and take part in special events, with which funds are raised to treat and maintain seriously ill people. Quite often, volunteers work with charitable foundations.

Volunteers – these are people who spread the light. Foundations could not exist without volunteers. Their actions are grounded in patience, involvement, and mutual understanding. It is not easy to be a volunteer, but every person with a good heart can become one.

If you want to try volunteering for yourself, write us a letter. We will try to tell you about volunteering in more detail.

If you have great ideas, projects to improve the situation with good deeds, write to us. We will attentively read your letter and respond to it.