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News of Ugra

Dear friends!

We want to share the fresh news with you!

You probably remember that some time ago we sent our books to the regions of the Russian Federation. Still, we continue to be excited at responses coming from different parts of our country.

Today we received a letter sent by the State Library of Yugra of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The book “Ray of Hope” is distributed at events held by this library. Among the participants are children with disabilities who need our care and attention. Director of the library Pavlova Olga Mikhailovna emphasized that this book has served as a beacon and support for those in need.

The detailed text of the letter can be found on our website.

We want to thank the administration and staff of the State Library of Yugra for their assistance in distribution of the book “Ray of Hope” and we are looking forward to further fruitful cooperation.

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