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Natalia Mikhailova

Natalia Mikhailova was born in Moscow. Received higher education in the Moscow Economic Institute for the Humanities with a degree in "Jurisprudence." In 2015, was re-trained in HSE with a degree in "Psychology." 

Currently engaged in soul searching, is preparing to enter the Psychology Department. 

Enjoys photography and writes poetry. Considers helping one's neighbour as the highest goal of all humans. 

Reportage photo shooting dedicated to the "Ray of Hope" trip to Ryazan is Natalia's merit. 

Personal opinion of Natalia and her wishes for the project:

I wish prosperity for the project and I hope that the work of its founder and participants will not be in vain. 
I also wish a great number of activities to be carried within the framework of the project and aimed at helping people who are in difficult life situation, and I wish the project to be participated by as many children and adults as possible. 

Let's make volunteering mainstream in Russia!