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Our Mission

• The socio-charitable project "Ray of Hope" is educational in nature.  It is aimed at children older than 8 years old, as well as an adult audience.

• The project aims to draw public attention to the problems of paediatric oncology and put into practice a way of informing the younger generation on how you can help cancer patients.

Socio-charitable project "Ray of Hope"

Compassion and participation is instilled from childhood.

Children are our future!

What they become depends on us.

The strong must help the weak, the healthy must help the sick.

This project aims to show children that they need to be kind, believe in themselves in all circumstances, even the most difficult ones, and reach out to those who so desperately need it.

With the help of the socio-charitable project "Ray of Hope" a child of 8 years old and older can learn about who volunteers are and why are they needed by society. Having read the colourful book, published as part of the project and available on the site, the child becomes acquainted with the story of a boy who suffered a serious illness and who was miraculously cured, because he believed in his own strength and received the necessary support. On the last pages of the book the child will receive information on how you can help cancer patients and how important it is to monitor their health and after having visited our show "Ray of hope", he will have a deeper understanding of the necessity of virtue, compassion and mutual aid.

We hope that our work will bring benefits to society and open up prospects for a better future!