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News agency «Poster ProArtInfo» for your creativity

More recently, with the support of a number of regional ministries, departments of culture, as well as representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo, a Public Information Agency specialized in the field of culture and art, «Poster ProArtInfo», was created abroad.

The main reason for the creation of the agency was the need to integrate the cultural life of the Russian regions of our compatriots abroad in an accessible information space.

PIA «Poster ProArtInfo» actively cooperates with the Russian regional and foreign Russian-language artistic unions and groups and differentiates itself from their «colleagues» by their democratic nature and full accessibility.

Any artistic team has the opportunity, by registering online at the information agency site, to post and distribute event announcements, news and other information on its activities.

«We give the opportunity to talk about the cultural life of regions and Russians abroad, we are trying to create the conditions for non-governmental cultural exchange and tour activities.
 Providing equal opportunities in promotion of their activities to both novice collectives and existing popular ones», said the representative of the PIA «Poster ProArtInfo». 

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