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Neyla Gulyaeva

On the author and organizer of the project "Ray of Hope"

Neyla Gulyaeva is a poet, a composer, a specialist in PR, advertising, event organization, negotiation and business consulting. Born and raised in Moscow. Neyla started her artistic career at the age of thirteen. Sentences seemed to evolve into lyrical poetry of their own accord.

In 2009 Neyla with assistance of two major Internet portals held a poetry contest. In 2010 she won second place (silver) in the international competition of the National Literary Prize "Golden Pen of Russia" in the nomination TELE and received a trophy and a diploma "For loyalty to the profession" for her poetry.

In addition to poetry and business (note: since 2012 Neyla Gulyaeva has been an individual entrepreneur), she has been active in charity.

In 2011, in collaboration with the young photographers of Oksana Alova, Neyla produced a theatrical poetic one-man show with elements of photographic art called "Seasons of Love."

Then, with the PR support of social services she produced the première of the play as a charity event for Second World War veterans, veterans of work, survivors of the Leningrad blockade, pensioners, and low-income citizens.

In 2013, Neyla celebrated 21 years in poetry and as an individual entrepreneur carried out public relations support for the literary festival "Slavic Spring", which was held with the active support of the Prefecture of South-West Moscow, the administration and the Board of Deputies of the municipal district Cheryomushki of the city of Moscow.

This project was non-profit, and at the end of the festival the organizers awarded Neyla with a diploma for participants in the festival "Slavic Spring" for her assistance in organizing and holding events.

Currently Neyla Gulyaeva is realizing the socio-charitable project "Ray of Hope," on the site that you are visiting and continuing commercial and creative activity.

position  Moscow

phone +7 (926) 249-02-84