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Начать путь - Who are our volunteers?

The world needs good, after all, good helps us to live and create. The strong must help the weak, the healthy must help the sick. On our site you can find out how you can help other people. To do this you need to travel a way along with a character that you select. At the end of the journey you will find the book “Ray of Hope”, with which you can not only discover the unusual story of a boy, but obtain new, useful information.

An exciting road awaits you!

By sharing the book you find with your peers and talking about our site, you can help us raise awareness of the problems of paediatric cancer. Your action may become a substantial contribution to the fight for human lives. Become our friend. And together we will be able to accomplish many great things.

We believe in you! Become our ray!

Partners of the project

  • Veronika Kraus
  • Aleksande Vasilyev
  • Karina Gabrielyan
  • Natalia Mikhailova
  • POSm Technology
  • TransLink Translation Agency
  • Presto group
  • Oksana Alova
  • Valentin Smirnov
  • Tatyana Zhdanova
  • Vladimir Bokov
  • MediaSoft expert
  • Polina Kudryavtseva
  • Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna Koroleva
  • Julia Alekseeva
  • The magazine «Peasant Woman»
  • Nevsky IP Law
  • News agency «Poster ProArtInfo» for your creativity
  • Goracio
  • Обращение к потенциальным спонсорам
  • Mabikotr